Upton Park - Poole


With over 130 acres, Upton Park has miles of walking routes across this diverse Country estate. There are quiet viewpoints, a meadow and woodland areas. Our first recommended walk is around the Georgian Mansion and itís formal gardens. Strolling through these beautiful private grounds is a real pleasure. There are numerous species of trees that create vibrant and colourful scenery. Kids will love the large open spaces and places to play hide and seek but beware of the duck pond located at the bottom of the garden.

Heading South West away from Upton House takes you to the area of Grove Wood. In 2015 this part of woodland was extended and opened to the public with extra miles of pathways implemented. Visitors can now enjoy strolling through The Meadow and follow the tracks to Llewellin Wood. There is a choice of circular walks of varying distance. A picnic area is situated at the entrance to the Meadow across the small bridge. Dogs are welcomed off lead in these areas.

Upton park poole walks

Back up near Grove Wood there is a nice viewpoint overlooking the farmland and firm footing along the main footpath. Following the pathway takes you past the wooden structures of the Play Trail. Continuing around the perimeter takes you past Grove Lake. This medium sized body of water hosts a variety of wildlife but the quality of its water is murky at best!

Heading east leads you across a small wooden boardwalk towards a couple of nature viewpoints overlooking Holes Bay in Poole Harbour. This internationally renowned Nature Reserve is a great place for bird spotting and has habitats of Saltmarsh, intertidal mudflats, woodland and grassland. In the far distance you can also see Pergins Island.

Visitors arriving by car enter the estate from the A350 bypass. Alternative entrances are available via footpaths located via Old Kiln Road, Allens Road, Blanford Road and Symes Road.

Dog walkers are welcome but some restrictions are in place, please look out for the paw print signs for information. Dogs must be on a lead around the Mansion House and its gardens. Please act responsibly and do not allow your dog to foul.

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